Southcoast Foam and Fibreglass is a Gold Coast based company, and one of the largest manufacturers of foam blanks in Australia, producing high quality foam for the best surfboard manufacturers in the world for 30 years. We have adapted to the changing needs of the surfboard industry and are currently one of the leading producers of optically whiter foam and high performance blanks that are demanded by pro surfers and their shapers. Southcoast strives to cater to its two key customers; shapers and surfers. Although sometimes forgotten, the shaping experience is only one component to our customer satisfaction, the second component is the surfing experience. We believe Southcoast Foam is the most lively, high performance foam on the market, and that is because we have developed blank prototypes not only with the world’s best shapers, but directly with current WCT competitors, some of them being World Champions. Our secret foam formula is renowned among surfers for being both strong, light and lively; a combination that is unmatched by our competitors.

Surfboard manufacturers use our foam because of its white colour, closed cells (which allows minimal resin absorption), neat finish and work ability. To many, it is a surprise that surfboard blanks are almost entirely hand made and require a high level of skill; from the formulation and preparation of our chemicals, pouring the chemicals into the moulds, to finally installing stringers and hand planing the finished product. This is a complex process that we at Southcoast have developed and refined over our 30 years of operation.

Aside from our first grade blanks, we also sell a variety of industry proven resins, fibreglass products, shaping tools, tints and accessories. We are your one-stop-shop.